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okay well i lost weight. and gained some. all of the weight i lost, i gained. Sounds fantastic doesn't it? I think I'm developing an obessesion with food. and calories. and how much of it i'm eating.

Well. I think it's time to get back on track. and I also realized that I wrote that my goal was 110 or something. It's not. It's 100. And we'll see from there.

Oh and look at the post below the post below. See, it says I wan't to be 110 by january. Its alost february am I 110? No. Because the holidays screwed me up. My vaction screwed me up because I went to lunch everyday with a guy(mind you he was skinnier than me) and had to eat something.

day 1

k day 1 of 28 lol.

yeah i've never had this much water in my life so i've been peeing constantly....like all the time. But w.e keeps me off food for the tie being...

new plan

k, the 400 calories didnt work. yeah it could have worked and id be thinner in ten days but its not working. I found a better one where i get to chose and crap like tht. I'll do it for 28 days like it's supposed to be and it's more of a flexable thing. It has points on how you did and such... 

28dayplan that's the community.  I'll post here and there okay?  

my stats: 
Height: 5'2"
CW: 130
LW: 117
HW: 135 (AHHH)
STG: 115
LTG: 105

k  and yeahhh.....see yah i'll se if this works out any better...28 days, i don't know...w.e iwant to be 105 by like january so i've got time...

i love shopping!

i went shopping today...spent money got clothes...

4 shirts 1 pregnant top which makes people not see my stomach because they realize that it's a pregnant top and prgnant tops are big.... The others i really like but will look better when i am thinner. 2 sweaters and a skirt.

I don't buy jeans anymore. I went shopping with my mom in april and started crying in the store when i had to move a size. So buying pants ESPECIALLY jeans terrifys me. But shirts i can handle.

I very happywith my purchases :)<3 ♥

Nov. 9th, 2006

cons:      i hate my life         i hate my friends        i hate not being in control                               i hate eating         i hate my sensitivity                i hate crying                                  i hate that i cry easily        i hate my teacher                     i hate my clothes          i hate my grades            i hate exams                     
                           i  hate failing                                   i hate my teeth                                       I hate that i over-react and over analyze

and most of all i hate my size
                                        i'm pretty-ish                                          i have pretty hair                         i like my family friends and best friends from grade 7&8
                         um..........                                                                                                                                                               .................

I'm in a terrible mood right now.

all over again

I screwed up. pretty badly i porbably had like 700 calories today, i don't know what came over me. Starting again tomorrow. CANNOT FUCKING SCREW IT OR WILL BE A FAT COW FOREVER!

Day 1

I'll be writing in here everyday for the next ten days.  I think I did pretty well today, 1 down, 9 more to go...


two apples 160
half a pita 80
peice of meat 20
two peices of gum 2

=262+ the pickle.  I doibt it was more than 100 calories so I still made it under 400! Yay.  And I'm not tired or hungry!:)

Nov. 6th, 2006

Okay, For the next 10 days this is my Food Journal...

Subject will be the day, and then what I had, and the amount of calories.

I'm doing a 10 day thing

so yahhh



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